Texas Hold'Em

Out of all the forms of poker, this one is probably the most popular version. Made popular by televised tournaments, Texas Hold’Em is Poker’s version of Bingo.  Huge pots can be won if you can master the skills to be a pro in Texas Hold’Em.  Here is a little bit of information about the game which is offered at Microgaming casinos.

Your goal is to win pots and lots of them.  This is done by consistently having the best hands available, or making others surrender (fold).

Hold’em is usually played with blind bets.  Blind bets can be broken into either small or big blind bets.  Tournament play brings in Antes in addition to blind bets. A small blind is usually half or just below half of the big blind.  A big blind is right at or equal to the minimum bet.  The blinds and antes increase as the tournaments/game goes along.  The double-blind bet was added recently.

Betting rounds, also known as ‘pre-flop’ rounds signal the beginning of most hands.  Play begins with the player to the left of the big blind.  This continues clockwise until every player has dealt and folded.

Play continues until the ultimate showdown begins.  This only happens if one player is unable to claim victory during the final round of betting.  A showdown occurs between two or more players.  The showdown players put forth the best hand possible in order to claim the pot.  Playing the Board comes into the equation during the showdown.

At worst, if five community cards form the player’s best hand, then the player is ‘Playing the Board’ and can only split the pot among the other players.

Hold’Em is an exciting and fun form of Poker.  Carefully construct a simple and direct plan to succeed in Texas Hold’Em.  Huge pots are usually available.  Stick to what you have learned to be successful and prosperous.  Best wishes and may you enjoy your Microgaming casino experience.