The History of Poker

It seems as Poker has been around forever.  Yes, it has always been a wildly popular game.  Now, we have online casinos, Microgaming, and the World Series of Poker.  How did the history of poker all begin?

There is much speculation as to the origins of Poker.  Our game of Poker closely resembles the Persian game of As Nas.  Also, it is believed that Persian sailors taught the game to French settlers in New Orleans.  Some suggest that the name Poker descended from the French ‘Poque’, which descended from the German ‘Pochen’ (meaning to knock).  Poker is said to have ancestry with the French and German games of ‘Primero’ and ‘Brelan’.  ‘Bragg’, an English game was a descendant of ‘Brelan’ and incorporated the ever popular concept of bluffing.

Mississippi riverboats, on which gambling was quite popular, helped to spread Poker to others part of the country.  Poker also became a popular pastime for settlers during California’s gold rush era.  Many of the popular themes of Poker came to prominence during this period.  The Civil War saw the introduction of Draw Poker, Stud Poker, and the Wild Card.  Poker’s popularity really lies in the terminology that makes the game so famous.  Terms such as:  Ace in the hole, wild card, beats me, blue chip, up the ante, and the ever famous, high roller are all part of everyday American culture.

Today the game of Poker is more popular than ever. It seems everywhere you go that someone is playing Poker.  Initially, Poker was just confined to someone’s kitchen table, or at a casino.  Now, with the addition of Microgaming Casinos, online poker, and other Poker tournaments around the world, Poker is a twenty-four hour event.

Yes, the popular game has come a long from its humble beginnings.  Now, Poker events are followed as closely any event held by the four major American sport franchises.  Poker’s popularity will only increase as more and more are exposed to the high-stakes action and the chance to become a millionaire overnight.