Poker Etiquette

You’re at the casino.  You are ready to do battle.  It is hard to imagine that a game with the gunslinger mentality of poker would have rules of etiquette.  Of course, poker does have its rules.  Here are some of rules to follow when you’re in the Microgaming Casino arena.  Not paying attention to the rules of poker could wind up costing you a lot of cash.

  • Act in Turn - No player likes it when you fold your cards early.  If you have to fold, wait your turn.  It is incredibly inconsiderate to the other players when you fold out of turn.  The same rules apply to calling a hand, or raising.
  • Quiet During a Hand – Keep your opinions about your hand to yourself.  Let the hand come to an end before you spill the beans about hand you have.  Wait, even if you have the best possible hand in the bunch.  It is only fair and right to the other players.
  • Splash the Pot - This is a big no-no.  Keep your chips neatly in front of you until the time to move them to the middle comes.  This helps the bigger games move along much more smoothly.  Also, Splashing the Pot can lead to some really nasty arguments among players.
  • One player to a hand - Nobody likes a know-it-all.  Keep all advice and opinions to yourself.  Likewise, don’t take any advice.  It is every man and woman for themselves.
  • Keep your head in the game - Pay Attention!  Nothing gets players more upset than someone who is not paying attention to their turns in the game.

Yes, there are rules to follow when you’re in the casino.  These rules are set so that everyone will have a fun and enjoyable time while playing.  Whether you are in the brick and mortar casino, or in the Microgaming Casino world, the rules will do you a great bit of good.