Stud Poker

Stud Poker is another popular form of Poker.  It is just another chance to show that you have the skills to hang with the big boys.  Follow these tips and you will get some insight into being a pro at Stud Poker at a Microgaming casino.

Play begins with each player given a specific amount of cards.  Each betting round means the addition of an extra card.  This continues until seven or five cards are dealt.  Different forms of Stud Poker stipulate that players must reveal their cards at certain times during the betting rounds.  In this case, the players have all of their cards dealt initially.

There are several different forms of Stud Poker.  Here are some of the games and the playing format.

  • 2 to 7 - Aces are the high card.  Poker suits such as straights and flushes are permitted.   The low hand always wins.
  • 7’s take all – The wild card is only allowed when a pair of 7’s are the highest.
  • Auction - Like the name suggests, it is very similar to an actual auction.

The highest bidder gets to choose an ‘up’ card.  The choice of cards continues in this very fashion.

In any form, Stud Poker is very intense and demanding form of Poker. Developing your skills and strategies will do you well as you compete against the top Poker pros.  Remember, that in most Stud games that seven is the luckiest number.  Choose your cards wisely.  The opportunity to win a huge pot is at stake.  Stay ahead of the game by learning the rules and shortcuts to be the best possible player at Stud Poker.

Many online casinos give you the chance to hone your skills against the best in the world.  The many variations of Stud Poker will only develop your skills by putting you in variety of distinct Poker situations.  From there, you will be able to go to any casino in the world and steal the show, or the pot.