Problem Gambling?

As a Online Casino Portal, we believe it is our duty to provide help if you have a Gambling Addiction. The majority of gamblers are able to keep their budgets and bet without it becoming a problem. However, for some people, it can become addictive, leading to financial ruin and family breakdown. If you start losing more than you can afford, seek help.

If you.....

  • View betting as a way of earning money
  • continually exceed your budget
  • bet money that was intended for living costs
  • borrow money for betting
  • take day off from work to bet
  • spend all your free time betting
  • find your betting interferes with family life.

Your may have a gambling probem.....

There are organizations that can offer solutions. Have have a telephone help line where you speak to a counselor. They also hold meetings where gamblers can discuss their problems and find solutions. There are also organizations that support the families of gamblers. Some Casinos also offer self-exclusion schemes. During the period of self-exclusion they will NOT take bets from you.

Please visit these web sites for help with Gambling addictions.

The Acoma Gambling Addiction Program

Overcoming Gambling

Arnie & Sheila Wexler Associates

Gamblers Anonymous