New Player Help

Are you tired of waiting to play your favorite slot in land based casinos? Are you new to online gambling? Here I will teach you how to how to download, sign up, and play at any Microgaming Casino on the net today. It’s fast, simple and safe.

Setting a Budget


Before you begin gambling, you should work out a financial budget. Calculate all your household and living costs including savings. Work out how much money you can realistically and comfortably afford to lose - yes lose. Gambling is ricky, not everyone wins and there are plenty of losers. Your could easily lose all you playing capital. Be aware that if making money from gambling is your sole intension, there are much easier, more profitable and safer ways of making money.

Once you have decided your budget, make sure you never go over this limit. If your personal circumstances change, be sure yo recalculate. If you spend only disposable income on gambling, you wont have anything to worry about. However if you start betting with your rent money and lose it, you may be tempted to try and recoup your losses by better more heavily. This is the route to financial ruin. Please visit my Gambling Addiction page.

Choosing a Casino


We need to find a casino to play on. You can visit our A-Z list to choose a Casino. The casinos listed on have been cross-referenced with known blacklisted Online Casinos; this ensures your decision with picking an online Casino is completely safe.

Once you picked out a Casino take a look around their web site. If you signed up with a sign on bonus take a look at their wagering requirements. Most Casinos require you to wager through 15 times the bonus. Although a lot of Microgaming Casinos give you a bonus to added to the money you get to play with. This is a very generous deal; it gives you the power to bet a bit higher then normal, without using your “own” money!

Probably the most important part of the Casino web site is to look for their Terms & Conditions, as per each casino has different Rules and regulations. Here are some things to look for.

Licensing of the online casino.

Eligibility as whom may not play at the online casino.

Promotion Terms and Conditions/Wager Requirements.

Privacy Policy as to protection of your personal information given.

How to Download Microgaming Casino Software


Microgaming software is just the remedy for those of you who can’t get enough of playing the slots and other casino games.  Recent years have seen an explosion of the online gaming industry.  Microgaming Casinos gives poker pros from around the world the opportunity come together and test their skills.  There’s no lack of action with Microgaming boasting some of the busiest online casinos in the world.  In addition, Microgaming Casinos have introduced Viper Software to enhance the gaming experience.

Viper Software offers a variety of benefits for the Microgaming Casino enthusiast.

  • Better graphic interface for the lobby
  • Faster game play and more definitive strategies
  • Distinct mark for each casino
  • Gaming style unique to each player
  • New games delivered monthly

In addition, the Microgaming Upgrade Protocol (MUP) makes sure you get the most out of your online experience.  This protocol allows for smoother downloads while you continue to enjoy the casino experience.  The new games are automatically downloaded each time you log on.

So, how do you get in on the Microgaming Casino fun?  Here are some downloading directions to begin.

Downloading Microgaming Casino Software is pretty simple and basic.  First, you simply download the software client from the casino’s official website.  Or, you have the option of using the direct download link from the online casino, or gambling portal.  The downloading process runs faster if you have a high speed or broadband connection.  It takes a quite a while longer if you are still using a dial-up connection.  Most dial-up users prefer to use to flash version to get into the game action faster.  Once downloaded, the player will see the added benefits of sharper user interface, better sounds, and graphics.

Well, I wish you all the best in your Microgaming Casino experience.  Good luck, and many winnings for you and yours.

Download vs No Download Casino Software


The world of the online casino has many options.  For instance, you could spend hours just debating on which game to play.  Or, how much money you are willing to wager.  Alas, there is the choice to go with downloadable casino or not.

The biggest advantage of the Download-based casino is the speed.  Players are able to get into the action quickly.  Also, the game experience is enhanced with better graphics and sound.  It gives the player the feel of actually being at a big-time Las Vegas casino.  How can you go wrong with the Download-based casino?

The Download-based casino does have some drawbacks.  Download-based casinos leave players open to contracting some soft of spyware or malware on their computer system. This means that your most sensitive credit card information is vulnerable to some unscrupulous hacker in cyberspace.

Also, without a high speed connection the Download-based casino could take a while to download.  That could be a problem if you are itching for quick game during a break at work.

So yes, the Download-based casino does have some drawbacks.  Of course, most players are willing to overlook these setbacks because the many benefits associated with the Download-based casino.  But, what about the player that isn’t willing to take the risks associated with a Download-based casino?  Now what?

The No-Download casino eliminates many of the safety concerns associated with the Download-based casino.  For starters, there is no worry about anything to download.  Web based software allows players to cut straight to the action.

Players can play anywhere and at any time. There’s something for every player on every level of expertise.  Browser plug-ins such as Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave, or Java support the web based games.  Of course, the quality of the sounds, graphics, and animations are based upon the specific plug-in used.

The web based casino and Download-based casino both offer specific benefits based upon the player’s preference.  Whatever choice, I wish you much success

in your pursuit of higher earnings.


Good Luck, and enjoy your Online Casino Experience